Power Apps Portals for External Users

Power Apps Portals for external users will allow developers to create websites which can be shared with users outside of their organisation. Users will be able to sign in with a wide range of identities and even browse the content anonymously. When I was asked to...

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Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

Microsoft PowerApps and Flow are used in combination to deliver a robust solution that meet the needs of the business. PowerApps is used to create the interfaces and flow will take care of the business logic. You won’t need to write code, although an understanding of...

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Microsoft PowerApps Android

Microsoft PowerApps Android applications can be created within the PowerApps platform. It is possible to create apps that run on both Android and the iPhone platform, IOS. Forget about employing costly software developers to develop something that will run on Android....

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Can PowerApps Connect to SQL Server

Can PowerApps connect to SQL Server? You will be pleased to know that yes, it is possible. SQL Server is an important data source so it is only expected that Microsoft would make it available. Like any system, you should set up your table structure before creating the...

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Access Database to PowerApps

PowerApps has been talked of as being similar to MS Access. In reality there is not much to compare the two. There are many MS Access applications around the globe, some of which are probably good candidates for converting to PowerApps. Have you thought about...

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