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Microsoft PowerApps Android applications can be created within the PowerApps platform. It is possible to create apps that run on both Android and the iPhone platform, IOS. Forget about employing costly software developers to develop something that will run on Android.

PowerApps enables you to build mobile applications quickly. You can find plenty of Microsoft PowerApps examples online.

There are no special settings that need to be configured prior to creating an application that can be run on the Android platform. When you create an app in PowerApps it will run on both Android and IOS instantly. This is because applications you create will be browser based so as long as your mobile device is running a browser, then it should be able to run any app you have created.

Microsoft PowerApps Android On Mobile Devices

When running the app on your mobile device, you can do it in different ways.

  1. Via your web browser
  2. Download and use the PowerApps mobile application from the Play Store

Microsoft PowerApps

If you are going to view the app in your browser then it is simply a case of navigating to the Office 365 site and logging in with your details. Select PowerApps and choose the app you want to run. Alternatively, if you have the link of the app then you can simply paste this into your browser and run it like that. You will still need to log in with your Office 365 credentials to view Microsoft PowerApps Android apps on your mobile device.

The other way is to go to the Play Store on your Android device and search for and download the PowerApps application. You will need to log in with your Microsoft account credentials. You will see the apps you have created and will be able to run them.

You won’t be able to publish your PowerApps app into the Play Store. PowerApps only works within the Office 365 eco system at present. There are plans to use what are known as portals to allow people outside of your organisation to be able to use your apps.

Whether you create a Microsoft PowerApps Android app or an app for the IOS operating system, there is no end to the possibilities. You can combine PowerApps with other products in the Office 365 suite such as Flow and Power Bi. Some popular app ideas are booking systems, helpdesk systems and inventory monitoring. With the AI capabilities of PowerApps it is possible to do some amazing things. This is a work in progress, but the early signs are encouraging.

PowerApps Alternative

Google also offer a similar product that allows you to create apps called App Maker.  It allows you to connect to the Google cloud. PowerApps allows you to connect to SharePoint, SQL Server on premises, as well as a number of other data sources. Some of the other sources that can be connected to are Twitter, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Excel, Dropbox and other Office 365 apps.

PowerApps will also work on laptops or desktop computers. You are not limited to Microsoft PowerApps Android or IOS apps. Being browser based, apps can be made to run on a variety of platforms. If you have form-based applications lying around then PowerApps can offer a web-based alternative. It works just as well on laptops or desktops as it does on a mobile device.

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